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My name is Terry Kontopoulos and I’m a shutter-addict… 😊
A little about me:

The Great John Lennon summarised in one song, in one word, my life’s philosophy!…
IMAGINE a song and a word which drives me to capture the beauty of our world!
From the first time I touched a camera, my older brother Anthony’s “KIEV” (Old Russian SLR with a ZEISS 50mm and I think f2.8) 🙂 my world DIDN’T change but I felt that one day I WILL have a camera of my own and I will discover the magic of this beautiful little machine!
Years passed together with some Instamatics and one (pocket?) Winding (!!!) Canon with the ability to make 2 photos from each film frame! A huge advantage with the cost of the film and the developing back then!
And then my FIRST SLR! Canon EOS 630. A revolutionary new design and controls layout from Canon which EVERYBODY eventually followed…
Later came the EOS 10, a camera with a BARCODE pen reader, from a booklet, for difficult shots… Oh well…
My last film camera was the Canon’s layman’s workhorse EOS 5! Great machine.
And as I was dreaming how to connect my second hobby, computers, with my photography, the NEW ERA of “D” arose!
The magnificent Digital Single Lens Reflex “DSLR” Cameras conquered the world!
EOS 10D / 20D / 5D / 5DII / 5DIII / EOS 1DX / 5DSR the BIG change to Nikon D850, and now the Mirrorless Z9… 😊
Of course all these machines are tools that they need a photographer to “see” through the V/F to set them up and trigger the shutter… The results are here…
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But I like Wild Life & Close-Up / Macro too




ONE and I'm still working on it! :-)

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